Many are afraid to ask questions; they think questions are invasive. Some questions may appear to be invasive, yet all someone is asking is for the other’s truth. How else will we know who we are dealing with if we do not ask questions?

How would I know if I wanted to work with someone in my capacity as a Coach if I could not ask pertinent questions?

To ask questions simplifies the non-conversation. This is not the time to look at someone, see how their demeanor presents itself, both inwardly and outwardly, and then make a decision based solely on these superficial pursuits.

Some are also insulted by questions. It appears and has been stated that we should just accept them as they are. How can we know who they are if they do not answer the simplest of questions?

Why am I here?

What do I want?

Who am I?

How will your life change when you get what you want?

Ask yourself these questions; write them down so when someone starts asking questions, you have the answers.

I think the people who don’t like questions are afraid because they have yet to have the answers. Now you will have them.




Joanne Victoria