You have probably finished cleaning out your closets with all the clothes, shoes, purses, coats, and whatever on their way to charities or to be sold on eBay or Poshmark. Your garage is fantastically clean and organized. Your pantry and cupboards are filled with newly purchased food and necessities.

Now what?

Well, I have been looking at how I function in my life and business and I discovered a couple of things that really annoy me. They annoy me in the sense that they are unconscious, unnecessary habits, and patterns. These two habits take up time and space better devoted to other things, mainly me.

One habit is represented by my reflective response to a thing and unconsciously doing it most of the day. This is a habit using brain space and I want it gone! No big deal to many, really, yet it is to me and no, I ‘m not telling you what it is because it is unimportant. What is important; is that you also may have unconscious annoying habits that need weeding.

The other habit is related to spending too much time in a certain area of my business and again, this is a time-suck. This habit is unnecessary, one I created all by myself and I am responsible. I am responsible for both of these habits; this habit is newer and easier to delete from my brain.

Going into my brain, I have to make a new neural connection, therefore, restructuring my brain.

This is doable – for the past several days I have focused on not doing these two unnecessary habits. In their place, I breathe, pay more attention to my own life, and continue to adjust parts of my business. In fact, I am rewriting my website and pivoting a bit. I will let you know when the new content is up.

Enough about me. What habits have shown up in your life now that you have had the time to notice every little thing about yourself in your life and in your work?

Put your mind to that task right now. Small habits have already shown up – now it is time to pay attention, see how it serves you, and if not, eliminate them and substitute beneficial actions that will fit you better.

You are in charge of your brain and you can rewire it to benefit yourself.

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Joanne Victoria