The wheel turns and we are all on it, each of us in our own space; some have small spaces, others large, yet we move altogether.

Sometimes the wheel shakes and bobbles, other times we move easily, yet we are all on the same wheel going in the same direction.

Outside it all looks fresh, interesting and it beckons to you. At the next turn, it’s all the same thing – again – different people, different details. You can stay on the wheel and go wherever it takes you. You no longer have to make any more decisions.

However, in order to get off the wheel, you have to make a decision to move.

The only way off the wheel is to move; can you jump or are you stuck inside this wheel like a hamster?

The view changes, yet it is still the same. Will it hurt to jump off the wheel? Maybe.

Newer view, yet the same. Similar people, similar habits, yet the same as before.

You can jump, roll, or step off the wheel.

What’s your choice? Stay or get off?

It can be easy or it can be hard.

Do you want off the wheel? Contact me here and let’s discuss.


Joanne Victoria