It’s time to come back to who you were a while back, back to your life, your gifts, and get settled in, again.

Whatever you were doing before, needs doing now. Whether you yourself let it go or was it taken from you, you need to retrieve it because you are in charge.

It is time to come back to your heart, your true courage. No more hanging out in the wilderness.

You can accomplish a lot, especially if you tell the truth about what you want now. There may be something new you want to try or something you wish to change or reframe. Do it.

You don’t need anyone’s permission anymore, never again. You never did, you just thought you did.

You are needed, now more than ever to contribute your gifts to the world in a way that works for you.

Show others how to live a full life, to be happy, and to enjoy themselves. Joy is the highest feeling – do your part to help others feel joy although you need to feel enjoyment first. When they see you enjoying your work and your life they will be inspired to share how they feel with more people.

It is time to come back home to yourself. Now.

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Joanne Victoria