During this pandemic, also known as COVID-19, many people are feeling extremely stressed out to the point of depression. They do not want to move at all and experience feelings of not only depression but some with suicidal thoughts.

A pandemic brings up many negative emotions. Some handle it by cleaning out the basement/closets/garage/utility shed and other numerous locales. Others eat – a lot of most anything to ease their struggles and pacify their fears.

Those who are depressed and concerned about all the day to day changes in their life – changes in sleep or eating patterns, worry about friends and family who may have the virus, as well as those who are increasing their tobacco and alcohol usage, need a safe place to be, at least in their minds.

Meditation works although many think you must do things in a special way or you need training for this. You don’t. You have all you need to meditate.

The safe place in your mind which may include some meditation is easy to create.

  1. Create a comfortable place that you can be alone for about fifteen minutes.
  2. Sit in a chair of any type where you will feel comfortable.
  3. Breathe deeply and easily. Four breaths in, hold for ten and release for four.
  4. Choose your special place, be it a beach scene, garden, or fantasy island.
  5. Add other furniture, rugs, lamps, all that you need to make this safe place yours.
  6. Use a word or description so you know where this place is and what is inside or around you.
  7. Know that you can go here anytime things become overwhelming, now or later.

Capture the feeling of this Safe Place and know this is yours, no one else’s. No one else has the creative mind that you do; there is no one else here unless you invite them.

Need help in designing your Safe Place? Contact me here and I will help you.



Joanne Victoria