Confidence is based on the beliefs that you now have. If you believe in your abilities to accomplish something, that is confidence. Your beliefs determine what actions you take. If you believe you are NOT confident, that too can be changed by using tools and techniques that reopen another groove in your brain; scientists call it neuroplasticity. You can make yourself confident. Really.

Confidence comes from experience. If you learn something new, you have changed your brain – this is called structural plasticity – you can change your brain as a result of this new learning. However, if you do not use this new groove of confidence, this groove will close down. Consider the ‘Use if or Lose I’ saying, especially now, and know that all the new neural pathways you have created most recently will shut down if you decide to lay back and only watch TV.

Confidence is about how you think. Confidence is not based on the ability to succeed at something; confidence is based on your thoughts and beliefs.

Let’s look at the power of confidence.

We never know when this power – confidence – will pop up. And confidence is a powerful tool and a blessing.

If you are committed to something happening and it concerns your actions, of course, you will be confident. Confidence then becomes your personal power and this will take you far.

An ingredient of confidence is taking a stand about your beliefs. Of course, only the beliefs you are willing to share with others!

What about making mistakes? We all make mistakes; however, it is the confident person that can own up to it. A mistake that you don’t want to make is in not using the confidence you created using structural plasticity. ‘Use it or lose It’ is a true statement.

Do you accept compliments gracefully? If you do, you are confident. If you dismiss the compliment and say it was no big deal, you are denying your confidence.

In order to be consistently confident, you may need a little focus.

Start with yourself, first and always.

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Joanne Victoria