We sometimes are told and tell ourselves, solve the problem. But can we?

The problem leads to

Action to solve the problem

Leads to

Less intensity of the problem

Leads to

Less action to solve the problem

Leads to

The problem remaining.

The Creative Process is a more productive technique of personal and business development which generates from the original concept of what you want to create to the final creation, the results of what it is you wanted to create.

The steps you can start to take are as follows:

  • Conceive of the result you want to create.
  • Know what currently exists (the objective view of reality, not always sweet)
  • Take action (invent something new)
  • Learn the rhythms of the process (ups & downs, again not always pleasant)
  • Create momentum (the more you discover, the more you discover)

And do not let anything or anyone deter you – focus, focus, focus.

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Joanne Victoria