I needed a new office chair. The one I had was quite a few years old and I sit in it a lot!

What I did not want to do was research chairs. I asked my team who wanted to be the Seeker of the Chair; one person volunteered and the adventure began.

The only guidelines I gave the SOTC were the price, middling, the color-black and the ability to adjust said chair as many ways as possible.

Lo and behold, a chair was found that supposedly fulfilled my needs.

My Seeker of the Chair said, ‘Go to Office Depot and check it out.’

I found the nearest Office Depot, went inside where the chairs were displayed and spent time searching for the chair with my price on it.

There were a few chairs that fit the bill price-wise, although they were upholstered chairs. I thought maybe the SOTC thought I needed one of these this time. Onward I went.

The only other clue I had was that the chair selected by the SOTC had received over 1000 reviews. That was my next step. The salesperson was willing to check the existing chairs in my price range to determine how many reviews they received.

There was no match to a 1000+ reviewed chair.

I do not like shopping for chairs. I was tired, hungry and cranky. I was ready to end this and purchase an upholstered chair.

After one last attempt of putting myself in a few more seats, the salesperson asked when my SOTC had come into Office Depot to select the chair. After a moment or two, we deduced the SOTC did not come into the store; they searched online because that is where they spend most of their time. And that is where they found all those reviews. An Aha moment was achieved!

You’re wondering why I did not call the SOTC to discover all the information I needed. They could not be found and I was on my own although with a very accommodating salesperson.

We searched the store’s enormous website with super multiple chair categories and…

…found a chair with over 1000 reviews! Yay!

The right chair! It had the right price! Yay!

We checked the store and discovered the correct chair although it was priced higher than the website price. This is why I did not previously notice the chair. I had no image of the chair, just the 1000 views data as well as the price.

The salesperson agreed to give me this newfound chair at the less expensive website price.

I paid for the chair, put the chair in my car and it (the chair!) is waiting for me to put it together with a little help from a team member.

So, you are asking why you should care about me and my office chair, right?

Would I have purchased a less than desirable chair? I was certainly ready to end this shopping trip.

Maybe I would have taken a less than desirable chair. And called it The End.

This is about where many of us stop, just stop when we think we have reached the end.

Our brains are wired to stop at a certain place. Past experience shapes present and future behavior. Meaning, that in the past I may have stopped at a place I perceived to be The End yet I wasn’t truly at the end. What about you?

I would certainly do this differently now. I would not be tired, I would make sure I had all the necessary chair details and I would not be hungry.

Sometimes we settle for less than what we truly want. This is a  lesson learned for me.

Be sure not to settle for anything even if it is an office chair.

Learn how to rewire your brain so the end you see is truly The End you had in mind.

Want help in rewiring your brain and not settling? Click here.




Joanne Victoria