If you want more prospects and more clients, check into your magnetism factor. Why should people buy from you? What sets you apart from others? What draws people to you?

This intangible, yet totally doable ‘thing’ is sometimes called magnetism, most often referred to as the Law of Attraction.

What qualities do you have that would make people want to buy from you, spend time with you and learn from you?

Make a list of why people currently enjoy time with you and focus on these qualities.

Do you want your clients to respect you, follow your lead, seek your counsel?

Then write it down; clearly decide the type of prospects you want to attract, then turn into paying clients. If you are unclear, you will attract people based on your current mood.

Yes, that’s right, your mood.

If your mood, thoughts, and actions are of a poverty nature, you will attract like-minded prospects.

If you are energetic, mindful and have thoughts of abundance as well as rightful entrepreneurship, you will attract these similar types.

It is up to you.

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Joanne Victoria