What do you want?

Why do you want it?

What will it do for you?

What is important to you in your life?

People go into their jobs/careers/relationships without knowing why or what they are doing. They rolled into all these situations. Most people take what comes along because first, they have to survive.

Most people do just that, take what comes along without investigating enough or checking out the squeals and squeaks. What signs are there that this opportunity is good or bad for you? What interests you? Who do you really like to spend time with? Are you being pressured to respond? Is this your last chance at the job, career or relationship?

Stop! Stop, just stop! Take all the time you need. If the job or the client or relationship is not there when you are ready, so what? It doesn’t really matter. If your head or your heart says, ‘What’s that noise?’, ‘What’s the squeak?’ Stop.

Look at what you are doing.

Take an inventory of the pluses and the minuses. If there are no minuses and you are just doing this to avoid something else, do it. However, if you look on the debit side, reframe it. Check out what is real. Run it by a friend.

Listen to yourself, your friend, your peer, your mentor. Use your computer or take out that trusty yellow legal pad, draw a line down the middle of the page and label each column Plus & Minus.

If the Plus side outweighs the other side, Minus, go for it, with the understanding that everything depends on its importance in your life. If it is just an interview/date, OK. If it is a proposal, spend more time conducting R & D on the people and the project.

Is it’s a project, create your own team of people. Make that work for you.

Too many times in business or in life, we forget the foundation. The foundation is who we are and what we want. The foundation does not always present itself first, yet if we were building a structure, the foundation comes first, last and always.

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Joanne Victoria



Joanne Victoria