Do you feel compelled to present your service in a definite way? Do you feel as if you have a calling to create the products and services you market? Do people come to you when they are in desperate situations?

It is because you have a gift, each of us does. However, if you are in business, you have an additional responsibility in this world. Your responsibility is to provide your service or product while treating yourself and your business with respect.

What does this mean to you?

 What this means to you is that you are to charge a fee for this service, even if you prefer to do it for free.

It means you do not compromise yourself by negotiating your fees downward just to get the job.

What this means to you is that you are clear on the type of client that best fits with your values so you do not compromise yourself just for a project.

If you give away any part of this extraordinary gift that you have been given, it is disrespectful. It is disrespectful not only to yourself but also to whoever gave you this special gift. Do not shame yourself or your gift by compromising your fees, your values, your character or your gift. You have this special gift. Use it for the highest good.

Treat your gift with respect, know that you are of service, and yet maintain the boundaries necessary to keep you safe and sane.

It took me quite a while to not only discover my gift but to own this gift. Owning and knowing what I was capable of doing to help others made a tremendous difference to me. It removed the burden of having to have a so-called real job, yet at the same time inspired me to soar.

It is vital that you continue to present your gifts, be they of service or products. It is wise to be true to yourself, respectful of your gifts and be of service in the best way possible.

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Joanne Victoria