Do you find yourself tired after being on the computer for a long time? Do you run out of time to post to your Social Media or blog posts or articles accounts? Are you drained at the end of the day?

When you use your brain for tasks your brain finds demanding, stress can take its toll. If you are a creative person, spending time in bookkeeping will exhaust you before you know it. It takes over one hundred times the energy to work outside of your brain’s comfort zone. That means if you are a creative person, details can exhaust you. Consider the numerous ways to save your brain, some free and some fee.

Spend Four Hundred (or more) Dollars per Month

Yes, it does take money to make money. The Four Hundred dollars per month I am speaking about is the cost of hiring a high school or college student to do what you do not want or do not like, to do. Hiring out what drains you gives you more time to do what excites you. Call your nearest high school or college and get an intern or put an ad on Craigslist. Both free, both easy.

Joanne’s Vision Gem: A few years back, I hired someone from the local college, paid him a minimal fee, and of course, the student received course credit which is what he truly wanted. I trained the student to successfully cold call, book presentations, and complete follow-up phone calls. The student not only received training, but he also received school credit and money. I recently heard that this intern was in charge of a telemarketing group for a Fortune 500 company. I do give good training to my employees!

Interns can be trained to do almost everything, from creating databases to submitting press releases. Congratulations, you are now a mentor! Find that intern, do what you are great at doing and start making more money.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

No one can do it alone. Hiring a virtual assistant to update your web site content or newsletter or submit your newsletters, blogs or tweets may cost you a few hundred dollars a month. Average VA fees are about $35.00 per hour. Even if they were $50.00 per hour, you are worth more than that. Spend the money and use your time wisely to live it the way you want. And, you can hire more than on VA as well!

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Joanne Victoria