Do you have all the clients you need to make your business a Dream Business? Are you meeting your financial expectations in your Dream Business?

The biggest complaints from Leaders, business owners, and practice professionals are not having enough clients and enough money.

Do you want to know a secret to attract more clients and money easily and effortlessly?

Include different price points for your clients.

Pricing is very subjective. Do you want to price your products or services to just make a sale or do you want to have a variety of prices to keep your prospects interested and create a life-long relationship?

In order to get known, liked and trusted, people want to experience you. What better way than to provide no-cost offers such as newsletters, articles, presentations, and webinars?

After you determine these potential new clients are a fit for your business or practice, then offer them higher fee products and services. Fit is the key here.

These higher fee products can include a weekend event, products that include online groups and materials, and one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Too many business people try to sell a higher-priced product or service first. That can be risky. If you attract people first with a free product and then graduate to something worth a dollar and the prospect gets results, it is then more likely they will come to you when they want a specific outcome for their business. Then they will be willing to spend ten, a hundred, a thousand or many thousands of dollars.

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