Many people think you have to have to be stressed out to be creative. That is not the truth.

The more relaxed you are the greater possibility that you will have creative and other breakthroughs even though Artificial Intelligence is looking to be the next thing (or current thing) as far as creativity is concerned.

AI may be good for taking over the data-heavy load, however, creativity is still in the human wheelhouse.

This means we, as humans, unless a robot is reading this, have to step up and BE creative!!

Creativity supposedly comes from many aspects of the brain; those who know will argue for this perspective.

I think creativity comes when you (and I!!) are more relaxed and we stare out a window or walk in the park or put our feet in the ocean.

Creativity under stress is when the owner/boss asks you and several other employees to get in a room, either with the boss or a consultant and are given ‘creativity’ exercises. These exercises are good for one person only and that person is not you.

There are some tactics that will work for you and your creativity. One, take a very long shower and try not to think about anything. Have a paper & pencil or your phone handy after you get out. Then capture all those thoughts that will come pouring out of you. Write them all down, no matter how weird they may sound to your sensible brain.

Second, read a book, preferably a mystery. and focus on who the antagonist is and how he/she gets away with all they do. You will find that many mystery/thriller/spy writers know the human brain and mind enough to be amazingly duplicitous and extremely creative.

Thirdly, adapt. Move a bit to the left or right and view old thoughts and ideas in a new and different way. Literally, take a few steps either way and explore. Determine what is wrong with your original thoughts and ideas and see how they now work in the world.

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