When you start your own business, this challenge requires work, most times hard work, especially at the beginning. Are you ready for hard work?

You need to show up and do the work, whatever it may be. If you need help, at least on a temporary basis, you must be discerning not only in what you are looking for but also in your ability to give up taking care of all the details of this new adventure. Now is the time to let go; to let go of all the tasks required to make you a success, again, and not burn out before you have even driven to 55 MPH!

Many entrepreneurs think they can do it all, and maybe they can, but should they?

What part of you requires reinvention? Is it your controlling part or your detail-oriented part? You are the dreamer, the thinker, the one who sees the Big Picture! Stay with that, just that, yet know the other parts that require attention.

If you are still trying to take all the parts in the play, it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Rewrite your Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals of your business. Decide what needs doing in the first year of your business. Write job descriptions for each of them. If you are properly funded, go to Craigslist or any local temp agency or an online agency, including Fiverr.com. Look for what you want keeping in mind that those you hire may be temporary.

Also, check at your local high schools for interns. Students love to add a variety of positions, paid and unpaid, to enhance college entry.

You always have choices. The first thing you need to understand is to do the work. Do the work required of a business owner. Plan, plan, plan and then plan again.

A plan is like a recipe. You need to confirm that you have all the correct ingredients in your recipe/plan so, when completed, you have the right product or service for the right buyers.

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Joanne Victoria


Joanne Victoria