Why did you start your own business in the first place?

Because you had a dream, a magnificent dream. You were cleverer by far than anyone you ever worked for. You felt you had the entrepreneurial spirit. Without a doubt, you knew you could be a much better provider of widgets than that other guy could.

You had great desires and ideas.

You wanted the freedom to do what you wanted when you wanted. Your incentive was to make more money. You figured, why give it all to my employer when I can have it all to myself!

Independence from being told what to do by corporate is another reason you thought it would be great to start your own business.

Does the following sound familiar?

Trudy was bored with the repetition. Trudy was a successful real estate saleswoman from Texas who thought she could no longer explain away the ‘pink carpet’. The ‘pink carpet’ syndrome comes about when the buyer looks for an excuse not to buy and can only come up with: “I don’t like the pink (or purple) carpet.’ The energy it took for her to continuously explain to prospective purchasers that the carpet can be replaced exhausted her. Once is trivial, dozens of times it is exhausting.

Trudy decided to open up her own real estate business. If she had her own office, she could hand pick her clients. After all, she knew all she needed to know, didn’t she?

Adam from Tucson was a great mechanic and for a while, enjoyed working at Pete’s Auto Shop. But the constant barrage of aggressive orders from Pete as well as numerous customer complaints took its toll.

Adam was out the door with a can-do attitude ready to open up his own shop.

What may be missing in both of these situations are several ingredients, not the least of which is a vision of what they really want, a foundation for their plan, for their business.

Do you have a foundation for your new business?

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Joanne Victoria