What a great day it is today. especially for you!

You are intelligent, creative and excited about your newest adventure. You can hardly talk to people fast enough about this new great idea. You hurry and move really fast because you don’t want to miss a beat. Not again.

You’ve been here before. You rushed in the last business you created. You did miss some steps along the way because you couldn’t breathe –  stuff was happening so quickly. You do not want to repeat this.

You must slow down and breathe in order to apply your innate finesse to this new situation.

You keep thinking something is in your way. It’s like driving down the freeway and you see the car ahead of you and you wish it would move faster. When you take the turn, you realize it is not the car in front of you, but the car in FRONT of the car in front of you that is holding you up.

You have no power, no control, yet you are now speeding up in order to push the car in front of you. The only person in your way is YOU.

This, of course, is an illusion as the car in front of you and the one in front of IT, do not care about what you want.

Only you do.

You got very sick the last time you rushed. You forget this when it suits you. Your friends and associates attempt to remind you and you say, ‘Don’t worry. I can handle it.’

Can you? Can you continue to stay on this high pressure, fast-paced journey you ‘ve been on many times and stay on course, healthy and ready to strike again?

I don’t think so.

The way I look at it is that you could have prepared better this time around. You could have chosen a different schedule, called on some of your former friends who know you well and would keep you on the new pace. You could take a wee bit more time for you.

It is seriously time for a change and you have to tell yourself the truth. You have responsibilities, we all do, however, you have attracted new responsibilities with this new way of doing business.

The business idea is great, yet you are still the same ole, same ole person you were before.

Time to ask for more help, more time and a different schedule before you are able to take this new business where you win it to be.

You need to slow down. YOU and too many others keep going and going, getting sick, both physically and emotionally.

Slow down

Admit you need to change and adjust your life to fit this new business into it, not the other way around

Take a stand for yourself and your family. Say ‘No!’ when needed. Ask your associates and family to help you learn how to say no to unnecessary tasks. Hire everything out.

Stay healthy, alive and prosperous; use your skills to help yourself and maybe this new adventure will be of greater success than the ones prior.

You deserve it, yet you have to be alive to accomplish it. Slow down.

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Joanne Victoria