To take a risk might get you on a different path to success. Risk is to seek and try another possibility. Until and unless you adapt to your new path of entrepreneurship, you will be unable to determine which way you want to go.

They, you know who they are, have always taught you to play it safe, do not take risks. You know you want to take a risk; opportunities are offered to you every day.

Some of us take risks every day, we just don’t realize it; from getting out of bed, hopefully! to driving on the freeway to your office.

Risk is also about possibilities and fortune. You won’t discover the depths of who you are until you are willing to take a risk.

Risk is about adventure. I like to think that every new thing I do in my life is an adventure.

Risk definition: a situation involving exposure to danger or harm

If I hadn’t moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, I wouldn’t be here now. If I hadn’t moved from Northern California to Seattle, WA, I would not be here now. Each step in a new direction is a risk, yes, however, there is also an opportunity at the end of that rainbow.

What are you afraid of? Do you truly know? If not, it is time for an inventory of your life, your feelings, your dreams, and your desires. Even a life inventory is a risk because your truth will step forward and expose itself. The truth, your truth, can’t help itself, it needs to be exposed.

If you think risks are about sacrifice, they are, for the most part. You will be giving up one thing for another. But it won’t kill you!

To Hope is to Risk Frustration – Make Up Your Mind to Risk Frustration. – Thomas Merton

You will discover your true self when you take risks. When you take that risk, to either open your own business, move to another part of the world, or change how you present yourself, you are opening yourself up to new and great possibilities. And probably a lot of fun!

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Joanne Victoria