Have you ever asked yourself a question and received a response from who knows where?

When you get up in the morning, do you find yourself asking what’s next in your day and receiving an answer?

This information is coming from your Inner Vision Team, the Universe. Your Inner Vision Team provides support and encouragement.

Doubtful? Then try these exercises.

Take time to sit quietly. Use a straight back chair and sit with your feet flat on the floor, your arms gently in your lap, your eyes closed.

Watch as your thoughts run around your mind. Observe these thoughts and watch them flit about. Make jo judgment, have no criticism, just watch.

When your mind quiets down, imagine you are creating a private space for you to enter. In that space are people to help you with your vision.

Design the doors to this space. The doors could be of wood, glass, jewels or a combination. Remember, this design represents who you are, so go for it. You can change this design frequently, so no judgment here either.

After the doors are complete, open them. No need to knock; this is your sanctuary.

Notice who is in this space. This is your Inner Vision Team. Your Inner Vision Team is always available to you either formally, as in this process, or informally, just when you want to ask a question.

Acknowledge them. Thank them for being here. You can choose who you want to be in this space, or you can allow the presence of these individuals to be a natural occurrence.

I chose all my members, and then someone else showed up in addition to my selections.

Quite a surprise, and no, I’m not going to tell you who they are.

No matter what, this is your team, all the time.

Use it.

You could ask questions when in this room…such as:

What has to happen to keep my Life Vision alive?

What values do I need to add to my life?

How do I know if the business I have chosen is the aright one for me?

What is my next step?

Ask questions with deliberateness. This is no time to be shy or coy. If you are THAT frustrated, yell it out!

Take in these answers. Notice the feelings you feel as well as the pictures you see in your mind.

Write these answers down or maybe you have been recording them using your phone.

Thank your Inner Vision Team, leave and don’t forget to close those doors!

But wait, there’s more!

How do you feel after this process?

Are you more energized?

Have you more clarity?

Do you have more focus?

Do you know what your next step is?

If you need any more help and support of a different kind, your Outer Vision Team will be of great benefit to you.

Have any questions about this process?

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Joanne Victoria