The headlines are scary and people are afraid. They are in fear because they do not know what is going on outside of themselves; these nuisance making headlines are filled with fear and anxiety. Said headlines are of inconsequential value to us because all they do is build a culture of fear that can be tapped in any one of us. I don’t need that; you don’t need that.

Fear will be the ruin of us all. When we tap into the global fears, we can no longer present ourselves with clear decision-making processes; fear also undermines good health and well-being. You truly have nothing to fear except fear itself and that fear seems to be bigger than all of us.

Each and every day we are bombarded with fearsome stories on the internet, television and in newspapers.

Yet we tend to hold onto these stories, these dramas, argue about them and take them seriously.

I recently saw a post about a TV personality who spoke his opinion about a supposed sensitive topic. In the responses, the people who were critiquing him, said yes, he had the right to his opinion, and they had the right to criticize him for it.

Since when?

When did it become OK to criticize anything and everything someone else said or did?

When did we become afraid of telling our truth?

Once the fear sets in, you start reacting in negative ways; you may become cranky, judgmental and angry.

So, what do you do in this instance?

You stop, just stop. Disengage from the so-called news; it’s not news because it is not NEW. It is all recycled Press where someone is seeking attention.

Let me be clear. You can learn to manage fear yet may not overcome fear. If you want to create change in the world, start with yourself. The only reason these so-called news items grab your attention is because you may not like yourself enough. Close that gap.

Start liking yourself now, right now. If you want the world to be a better place, make it one – in YOUR home, YOUR office, YOUR life.

A reminder – it all starts with your thoughts. When you read or see something, you start to think. The emotion follows the thinking and grabs you. From there you take action, maybe lash out, and then there is the outcome.

Make the outcome good for YOU and YOURS and ignore what does not work in YOUR life.

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Joanne Victoria