Patience is what is required to live your life in a new, different way. If your life suddenly became pure and perfect, you might not be able to handle it. Where’s the fun in perfection?

Patience is a super power coping skill. Can you relax and wait for things to happen? Then you may have a good handle on patience. If instead, you become anxious and frustrated, you will have a difficult time achieving patience.

There are plenty of waiting rooms before the object of your work and personal desire shows up. You can be walking, observing what is around you, feeling well and not even recognize that you are being patient, patiently waiting, yet observing in a most mindful way.

There is no need for you to continue to suffer. You do have the ability to move through what else is going on in your life in order to achieve the outcomes you want. Practice patience.

This new journey of patience must be enjoyed. So be patient with yourself as your days unfold with new adventures, new possibilities, all in a mindful way. In order not to forget anything, consider writing about it in a journal of your choosing.

Success is about moving forward despite any challenges you may encounter. Actions move you forward to experience accomplishment. It begins by cultivating confidence in yourself no matter what outside influences exist. Even hypertension. Patience is a key to making it.

This may help you with your patience-



Joanne Victoria