I cleaned out my kitchen junk drawer today. I knew there were AAA batteries in there, yet I could not find them. AAA are the close to tiny batteries that you use for most everything. The packaging was ineffective, so as soon as one (me) opened it, the batteries came rolling out.

I was forced to pay attention to this junk drawer and empty it out, clean the inside of the drawer, throw away real junky junk and I DID find those AAA batteries! I repackaged them in a highly visual container within the same drawer. As soon as possible, I will find the right trays to hold the remaining (many!) objects in this drawer.

My drawer included knives, matches, rubber bands, pads for taking notes, many pens, Kleenex, more knives (??), scissors- both for paper and a kitchen knife, several restaurant menus, whisks, measuring cups; this drawer held more than junk, really, it was a catchall for stuff that had no other place to call home.

And this is your brain, your brain on JUNK! There are many things you hold in your brain because you do not know where to put them. The junk drawer of your brain IS your brain!

People hold onto many things that may no longer be of any use except to take up good real estate. That memory you have of being afraid of BBQ spareribs which has stopped you from eating anything BBQ ever is not the spareribs fault. Yet it has taken space in your brain, space you could use to input your favorite adventure. Space that you could place the work behind your next book. Space that could be devoted to getting the job that you REALLY want, not the one you settled for.

Clean out the junk drawer of your mind by sitting still for as long as you want.Watch the thoughts come and let them go; do not even acknowledge them as being real nor engage into the story behind these thoughts. They are trash that requires elimination from your brain.

This sitting still for a long time could be called meditation, however, I do not want to scare you; I want you to clean the junk out of your brain and let it GO!

Make space for something good, not junk. This is how the Merriam Webster dictionary defines junk: something of poor quality; trash; something of little meaning, worth, or significance.

Remove the trash from your brain and look ahead to replace this new clean space with something of value to you, not trash.

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Joanne Victoria