All companies, large and small, should have Vision & Mission statements as well as a list of Values; anyone ought to be able to access this information especially if the company is large.  Many job-seekers forget to check these things out prior to accepting the job. It is imperative that your values are in alignment with the values of the place they are going to work.

Why? So that you are comfortable at your place of work knowing that there is something greater that you and your company have in common besides a job with a paycheck and services rendered.

Are your values in alignment with your company’s values?

The list of values your company has need not be a long one; values need clarity and focus.

This is the same as your personal values using clarity and focus; you only need four values as a foundation for your life.

Your values can change over time so don’t be surprised when you realize you are the mutable part of this process. The change is about growth as a human being.

Values provide you with a strong foundation; a method for living your life to its fullest.

If your work values and personal values are in alignment, great. If they are not, you will be dissatisfied, unhappy, and you will definitely not generate the results you and your company want.

Values help you gain clarity about what you stand for. If what you stand for and what your company stands for is in alignment, you will have an easier relationship at your place of work.

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Joanne Victoria