I am glad I work from home because I can sit outside in a chair on the patio and create an emotional and physical shift to my day.

Such a relief to smell the ocean – there is a nearby Bay called Possession Sound, a portion of Puget Sound – and the salt smells travel and waft into my backyard.

It was a tough morning of work. Meetings, tasks, writing and stuff that took the starch right out of me. The sun was out and that was where I wanted to be!

A few minutes outdoors and I was ready for more.

The other evening, after another full day, I sat outside to read a book. It is my best time, 6 PM, when the sun has moved from my back yard to the front yard.

No hot sun, just sounds, smells and peace and quiet.

This was a great time of day to separate my work life from my business life.

I always say that you need some change or shift from work and home life, be it a trip to the gym, that bike ride you always talk about or even a trip to a restaurant with friends.

You must disconnect each part of your life from the other so you have the energy to appreciate each segment of your life.

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Joanne Victoria