Low job satisfaction brings on other issues although these other issues stand by themselves as well. I’m talking about stress, anxiety, decreased productivity and high turnover.

No matter the size of the company your work for, if you do not like your job, you need to perform an inventory of yourself, not just about the job. If you don’t you will be running down the path towards stress different than what you may be used to.

Ask yourself some questions.

What do you really like to do?

When is the last time you did what you like to do?

Do you realize you can make money at what you like to do?

There are endless ways to make money in this country. The USA is the home of entrepreneurs. With the addition of the internet, you can easily find a need and fill it.

Firstly, look at your current position. Do you like any aspect of it at all? Are you willing to take classes to make yourself better at this job? If so, then do it now.

If not, start thinking.  Maybe you like dogs. Let’s say that you do. You can become a dog sitter, especially when people are out of town. Everyone needs a friend and you can become a dog’s best friend. Let’s say you place a free ad on Craigslist and offer to house sit a dog for a couple or family that either work a lot or are out of town or go on vacation.

You dog sit the pet at their location for one hour a day, maybe at $30 dollars per hour. Get enough of these and you are making $240 per day times 5 equals $1200 per week times 4.3 weeks per month and you are earning in the area of $5000 dollars per month.

Not too shabby.

What if you have more people after you to take care of their dog? Hire some friends who can do the same thing after work for about $20 per hour; you get the other $10 as a referral fee.

Now you are earning enough money to design a website, using your friends or others like yourself who want to leave their current job.

You are now making loads of money because the world is yet to run out of people who love their dogs.

When you take the dog (dogs) for a walk, you are getting your exercise as well! So do your new hires.

Put your thinking cap on and go for it. Find that need and fill it! Don’t be miserable at a job you don’t like.

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Joanne Victoria