Do you want to ask for something or do you just want to ask for something?

“Just” is a word that diminishes whatever follows.

To use the word ‘just’ in a sentence makes you look weak, that you do not mean what you are saying, that you are unsure of yourself and what you are writing. That you are a subordinate, not an equal.

You are not just a Project Manager, or just a President or just a Director. You are the Project Manager and you are the President or you are the Director.

You continue to diminish yourself in the eyes of others and women use this word more than men; what does the use of this word say about you?

Number one, it says you are not confident. Similar to saying ‘sorry’ all the time. Are you truly ‘sorry’ or are you looking for a way out of the conversation and/or situation? ‘Just’ is a weak word.

Other words that do not imply confidence are- really, I think, I believe and very; these are all passive words. Either delete from your vocabulary or find a substitute word. Your thesaurus will help with this.

Be as confident a worker, speaker or writer as you can be. Use the confident words, not their cousins. Retrain your brain and your focus.

As Mark Twain said: ‘Use the right word not its cousin.’

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Joanne Victoria