There was a time in my life, for about two years, that I worked every day, including weekends, with time off for only Christmas and Thanksgiving.

I was driven and everyone knew it.

After I stopped – it always pays to stop and take inventory – working weekends and had my first weekend off, I was unable to determine how to be.

When I say be, I mean just that. How was I supposed to act with others and myself when I was used to working all the time?

It took a while before I was comfortable with myself having this time off. What I did learn was that even though I did take this time off, for myself, my family, friends and fun, I could not work or even think about work.

Sounds weird but how many of you take the time for fun, friends and family and still have that phone out and at your fingertips? I recently saw a photo of a very busy consultant who was with his entire extended family and he was on his mobile. Not a problem except he supports not doing this and having clear boundaries between work and home.

How many of you still think about work when with others? What do you do when others try to get your attention and you are off in the ‘work zone’?

To use current vernacular, you are disengaged. If you were engaged, you would not be distracted. To be disengaged, either at work or at play, means you are not fully giving of yourself to what is in front of you.

This your responsibility, no one else’s. This is about you and your decision that your energy, your brain, your soul and spirit can be devoted to something else, be it work, friends, family, fun or whatever you choose without interference.

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Joanne Victoria