Stress is here to stay; it’s how you handle yourself to manage this stress that is of issue.

You are in charge of your life, so you are in charge of your stress. Make your stress you friend and work together.

You can and must leave your work at the door before you go home, even if you live alone.

Unless you own the company, an even if you did, you can manage your stress without living with it 24/7. As an owner, you have assistants; as an employee you have your brain.

It is time to chose your methods for releasing stress. After you leave the workplace, do something, almost anything to create that barrier between work and friends or family. Go to the gym, take a walk on the beach or by the water, ride a bike, play tennis, go to the movies or the library – any of these acts will disconnect you from work.

The most important action to take is to pay attention to your family and yourself.

Is it your job as the person in charge to pay attention to your employees’ resilience and encourage them to break away from the “always-on” mindset?

Absolutely!  All companies would like it if their employees would leave their personal life at home, but the reality is that it doesn’t happen. The things that go on away from work will affect how people react on the job. If you want the company to be successful, you must focus on their mental and emotional stamina.

Know this – personal development will encourage everybody on your team to be more engaging and produce higher levels of service. If you want your business to succeed, you must encourage people to take a break from their jobs, so they’ll want to come back and do their jobs.

Now is the time for a great break. If you need to plan your own break, try this and give a copy to your team members as well.

5 Steps to Achieve Work/Life Balance (it’s free!)


Joanne Victoria