Today, May 17, is my birthday. I am using this space (it is mine after all!) to express who and what I am grateful for especially during this past year.

I am not attached to celebrating my birthday at all. Anything with love and kindness is good for me, either big or small. Yet, now, I think is a good birthday to celebrate others for who they are and how they have affected my life.

First and last, I am grateful for my immediate family, my three children.

Without them I would never ever have gotten this far in my life. They were and are the most important people in my life and to climb the walls I was up against was all for them. There were plenty of brick walls!

I am grateful for where I live, the Greater Seattle area, because this is a super place to be. It is green all the time, the people are smart and I find some peace here.

I am grateful for my friends, old and new, who support me. I have many Social Media friends; really, we talk!

I am grateful for my podcast, The San  IT Project Podcast. I’ve always wanted my own radio show and this comes very close. I am so grateful for my podcast guests. Who knew that I would be having conversations with people from all over the globe who collaborate with me on these episodes?  These conversations have benefited numerous listeners, which was my goal. Check!

I am grateful for my clients; they work hard to build a strong yet peaceful life. All of them have enjoyed increased abundance, greater self-love and way more confidence than prior working with me. They are the true stars!

I am grateful for my trust in my work. One has to trust what they do at all times because it is easy to question oneself. I always want to do more, yet time seems to fill up quickly.

I am grateful for the people who work for me albeit part-time to help me with my podcasts, emails and website. I am grateful for my accountability coach; she has supported me well this past year.

I am also grateful to myself for writing Daily Emails. Writing Daily Emails is a commitment I made starting 1/1/19 and I have not missed a day. It is the inner strength and commitment that I have carried since I was a child. I just didn’t know what it was for. Now new things are appearing.

I am grateful to you, the reader, for getting this far in the post. If you have read to this point, I have done something right.

Take care and maybe you will her from me same time, next year.

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