After numerous rounds of interviews, over the phone, via Skype and in person, you got the job! You are so excited; you waited for the right position at the right company and now it is going to happen.

You certainly hope it is the right choice because not everything can be known prior to starting a job. You want the on-boarding process to be easy and informative. Who knows? You may even have your own office!

Will it be like your last position where there was no one to greet you, there was no desk, cube or even a chair? You didn’t know your Direct Report; your contracting agency did not seem to have a rep on site either.

Remember how you wandered around without an access badge, hoping to find someone to help you? You were on your own. Not a great start but one you hoped to never experience again.

Fortunately for you, this new job had an on-boarding process that was an upgrade from your last job. You were greeted by an agency rep; shown to your cubicle with a brand-new laptop sitting center square on the clean desk which also holds your new badge.

Amazing! You are also provided with forms- insurance forms, tax forms, and an employee handbook.

You did read of other companies giving new employees champagne, cupcakes, T-shirts, backpacks and books. Guess you will not be getting any swag here.

It appears the company wants you to discover their culture on your own, by meeting with people as individuals. Lunch maybe?

This on-boarding was an upgrade for you yet some swag would have been nice, no?

Maybe next time.

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Joanne Victoria