What is a manager? A manager is a job title in organizations that has certain duties and responsibilities to lead departments and / or employees. These employees report (Direct Report) to the manager for whom he or she manages. Some managers have no team and are in charge of a process or procedure relevant to the success of the company they work for.

There are also executive managers who lead a team of managers. This leader is different from a company leader.

Managers plan, execute, evaluate and monitor the work of their team.

There are great managers and bad managers. Most people who quit an organization do so because their managers are bad. These bad managers are insufficient to the task of dealing with people and projects that need their attention. Bad is a strong word, but a worthy description.

Managers are usually promoted from within. These people who are promoted are supposed to be familiar with the operations of their organization. They are supposedly promoted from within as an honor to their skills and output to date; however, this doesn’t always work out that way.

Managers are supposed to be able to handle the ups and downs of human beings; it takes certain skills to handle human beings.

Managers must be sensitive, aware, have great communication skills, be succinct and welcome employee/contractor feedback.

A bad manager seems to lose perspective once they get promoted to be said manager of a team of people. They become long-winded, unwilling to communicate with team members, try to sweep the past out the door and change everything before they even understand what is going on. They do not have a clear picture of the outcomes the company leaders want to have happen. They manipulate everyone until there is a mass walkout, or a slippery one, with one person at a time either leaving or transferring to another department, which is not always possible.

This happens a lot. Beware of bad managers.

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Joanne Victoria