Do you find yourself comparing you to others in similar fields or job descriptions? Are you as successful as the next person? Are they more successful than you? Do you think you are a better IA Expert than someone else or do you think again that they are better at their job than you?

No one does a better job at being you than you. If you compare yourself, you are judging yourself. Why would you knowingly do this?

If you are an introvert, would you compare yourself to an extrovert? If you are blond and five foot two, would you compare yourself with a six-foot brunette? Are you insane? It is not possible to do this.

You are only judging yourself in this process. This judgement is not only painful it is self-inflicted.

How about staying within the you of you and maybe, just maybe, compare yourself with the you from three, five or even ten years ago? Do you know more about a specific topic than you did all those years ago? Are you a stronger person that you were in the past? Are you a more discerning person now?

To compare yourself to someone else is irrelevant. There is only one you and you are it!

Who do you try to look better than? Who have you chosen to make look inferior to you by reason of education, clothes, geography? You are wasting time, which is not a renewable resource.

Are your comparing up? This will definitely lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. If you compare down, your self-satisfaction is temporary. Either way, you are not being you – the entire you is suffering.

Stop the suffering and release your need to compare. It is time to take a stand for the real you, the energetic you, the mindful and heart filled you.

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Joanne Victoria