Can Internet Technology Pros Live a Happy Life?

Being an Internet Technology professional is not easy. Right from college to grad school, people who have a flair for programming, software development and things related to IT, dream of landing a job at a top IT firm. Reason being that IT companies offer handsome...

End of Year Review of Your Life

Joanne Victoria Says: All of us need time to review our lives and when better than the cold dark days of winter. It is Winter and time to review your life to see what is working, or not working. It may be time for you to visit your past, if just for reference, but...

There is No Plan B

Joanne Victoria Says: Well, there is no Plan B in life, you get only one chance to live the life that you want, the life that provides you with what you want. So what are you going to do? Find a buffet! Life is like a buffet – but first you have to make sure that the...

How To Create Flow

Do you surf the web and spend too much time on Face Book wondering why you are not making the millions touted by numerous Platinum level consultants? Do you find yourself multitasking?Read more >

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